Sharon's clients value her easy going manner as much as they admire her accessible and incomparable style. 

She embarked on her interior design career at the ripe age of eight.  Doing her dollhouse.  She redid that dollhouse ten times into adulthood and then decided to decorate other people's homes.

Sharon grew up as the middle child in a family of nine children, amidst continuous activity.  She has five children of her own now, where activities and ideas continue to abound.

After attending college, she started her family.  During those early years,  she honed her skills for a decade as a Midwestern antique dealer in the Ozark Plateau. Building on the success of her design business, she expanded Sharon Taylor Designs to include a retail showroom.  Pickwick House.   Much like her celebrated interiors and creative events, Pickwick House features contemporary pieces, uncommon objects, vintage and architectural finds.  All juxtaposed into urbane vignettes.

Pickwick House LLC,  is an interior design studio in  Springfield, MO. 

Luxury to Sharon does not mean stuffy or so-fancy- high-end; it can mean cool, charming,  collected, entertaining, and one that shows good sense.

Sharon has demonstrated an interest in performing arts, fine arts and school studies including music, drawing, and theater. {With her MFA in dollhouses.}

Growing up, Sharon's mom taught her that building a wild imagination can start with adventures in your own backyard.  Her mom, an artist, fostered in her children a deep passion for making common occasions and spaces extraordinary.  Vacations were rare, but day trips to the creek or fair with nine hooligans packed into dad's Volks Wagon bug were most memorable and exploratory.

In the large family chaos of growing up, her mom would take simple things to create magical, inventive scenes. Sharon remembers mural paintings going on all the time.  And small details like a thanksgiving table that extended from dining room to the entry way {with makeshift tables put together},  and picnic benches pulled-in to have enough seats.  And yet her mom, with the collaborative help of the kids, made it beautiful with lace table cloths, bedspreads, and bouquets picked from neighbor's yards for centerpieces. Tall candle tapers glowing en masse and glittered pine cones.  However unexpected and/or quirky-imperfect,  these things were what made their house a home. 

This artistic infusion, along with humor, and Sharon's continued love of travel, culture, and exploring has honed her broad-spectrum aesthetic for her own family and  clients today.